Social Impact Institute

Our team was engaged to assist 4community through a rebranding project. Its aim was to clearly articulate its value proposition and reach new audiences with messaging about how it assists socially oriented organisations to transform communities.

The challenge

Social sector management consultancy 4community has for a decade helped purpose-driven organisations working to bring about social change to increase their impact.

At a time when the social sector is experiencing real change, 4community needed charities and organisations to know it can help them navigate an evolving sector where commercialisation is an emerging trend and measuring success is key.

Having initiated a series of Disability Expos five years earlier, the organisation was well-known for its events capability and now looked to expand recognition of its strategic counsel offering.

The solution

It wasn’t easy to understand at a glance what it was 4community offered in the marketplace and it became clear a brand refresh was needed.

We led creative thinking and ideation sessions with leadership team members with the aim of sparking concepts for a new brand identity, establishing core values and articulating purpose.

Our research and analytics team audited current state marketing communications and assessed efficiency of messaging across channels. Insights from the existing website and digital footprint informed the SEO strategy for the rebrand.

Combining these elements, our team developed a refreshed brand story and messaging to guide communications

The outcome

Social Impact Institute as a new brand identity was borne out of the need to better represent what the organisation stands for, how its products and advisory services help organisations to increase their impact.

This process enabled Social Impact Institute to develop a new name, following which our team collaborated with Social Impact Institute to create a new visual identity, messaging and brand story for Social Impact Institute. The new branding sets it apart from its competitors, is bold and proactive – while communicating the organisation’s expert standing in the sector.

The logo connotes the ripple effect the advisory firm has on its sector, spreading capability and expertise in transforming communities. The tagline is simple and clear, with a nod to the partnership aspect of their engagement model: “Together, we increase your impact”.

With the brand identity and messaging refreshed, we then supported Social Impact Institute with its brand re-launch, marketing communications strategy and implementation.