Our team was engaged to develop a social impact framework and measurement plan, and implement a delivery solution that would enable an integrated program model with a common approach to impact measurement.

The challenge

Gotcha4Life’s programs and activities are delivered in conjunction with a range of qualified partners that are closely aligned with Gotcha4Life’s vision and values. Regular reports were tracking the outputs and short-medium-term outcomes of these programs. However, the impact – long term, sustained positive change – resulting from Gotcha4Life’s various programs and activities was not well understood nor communicated.

An impact framework was needed to address this issue and meet its desire to have a significant positive impact in the community. It would also help Gotcha4Life maintain its leadership role as a provider of innovative approaches to address mental health issues faced by men, and meet the increasing expectations of donors, funders and governing bodies.

The Solution

Based on research including stakeholder engagement, scholarly literature reviews, thought leader interviews and defining the internal and external context, we clarified and defined the potential impact of Gotcha4Life programs.

Developed impact measurement framework

  • Theory of change.
  • Identification of key enablers and barriers.
  • Consideration of external factors and assumptions.

Measurement plan for outcomes and impact

  • Identification of suitable existing measurement tools used in Australian populations providing relevant baseline data.
  • Development of a customised questionnaire which incorporated relevant demographics, existing validated measures of help-seeking and resilience and construction of custom questions designed to measure indicators of interest where no suitable existing tool was available.
  • Development of a detailed plan for data collection, analysis, visualisation, and reporting.
  • Assistance with ethics review.

Continuous improvement model – Impact management platform

  • Implementation of a technology platform to manage the impact measurement plan – including set up and training for automated delivery and follow up of surveys, analysis of results, and presentation of findings in visual dashboards for presentation and reporting of insights.

The Outcome

Our research highlighted the key role of increased help-seeking behaviour, as well as the benefits of peer support for both the recipients and providers of support for improving mental wellbeing.

Existing tools for measuring help-seeking behaviour were recommended in addition to providing the expertise required to build customised questions where appropriate measures were not available. This led to the development of targeted and practical survey tools that measure the indicators identified in the Impact Framework.

The survey tools are now entering a pilot stage and will be embedded into the routine operations of the organisation to allow for continuous learning and improvement.

“The impact and engagement with ImpactInstitute is not only of high quality, with no stone unturned, but for Gus and me it has been a truly inspirational experience. Each phase of the project was enlightening and productive with clear objectives and goals of best practice to meet the end result.
The team brought a great professional and personal approach to this work that has had a huge impact on our outlook and ability to increase knowledge and capacity for Gotcha4life.”

— Gus and Vicky Worland
Founders, Gotcha4life