Culture must be important to you, too. That’s why you’re here. Or you’re lost. Either way, we’re here to help. Right there is the essence of our organisational culture at ImpactInstitute. We’re here to help, to listen, to learn, and ultimately, amplify your impact.

Our baseline is high-quality work delivered in a professional manner by warm, curious, smart, supremely capable people. Behind the scenes, we challenge each other, make each other laugh, share personal photos and shout-outs at every staff meeting.

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A group of people celebrating a birthday

We celebrate birthdays with cake (or cheeseboard!) and a ‘Marilyn Day’ of paid happy leave. You may have also heard about our YOLO days (short for ‘you only live once’)? We offer two paid YOLO leave days a year for when the sun is shining too brightly to be at the office, or you want to stay hiding in bed. Take a spontaneous day on us. Why? We want you happy, healthy and energised to do your life’s best work.

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Gallup CliftonStrengths Finder is one of the practical tools we use to build a positive culture of professional and personal excellence. Every team member, and sometimes our clients, identify and share their top five unique strengths, so we can actively play to them, and filter our appreciation for how and why things may be done a certain way through that shared understanding.

Excellence, positivity, integrity and curiosity get used a lot by us, and others talking about us. Every encounter with ImpactInstitute is an expression of these EPIC values.

Clients go a long way to shaping the culture of any organisation. We only work with pioneering brands we believe in and respect, like UNHCR, Benevolent Society, University of NSW, Children’s Cancer Institute of Australia, Adobe, Chartered Accountants ANZ, WFS, RSPCA and Anglicare.

If we light up at the mere idea of telling their story, we know it’s a good fit. When we win awards for our work, it’s usually because of the chemistry between our team and a client that’s equally switched-on, persistent, passionate and scrupulous about finding the sweet spot of an untold story.

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"My intern experience at ImpactInstitute has been truly transformational. From reverse briefs to podcast editing, I have learnt it all. The connections I have made with employees and clients have allowed me to grow my communication skills. As a whole, this experience has allowed me to identify my strengths and what I have to offer as a marketer. ImpactInstitute has elevated my knowledge and love for marketing and content production."

- Charlotte Woodford
Account Assistant