We believe the greatest thing about stories is that everyone can tell a good one…with a little coaching.   

Our Storytelling for Leadership program is designed to recognise the people behind organisations and empower them to make the biggest impact possible through their work.   

This program of five interactive workshops uses storytelling techniques to build professional confidence, communication skills and employee advocacy.   

It’s a way to learn more about yourself, forge stronger connections within your team, and have a lot of fun in the process!

How the Storytelling for Leadership program can help you

Today, every employee has a role to play in expressing and enhancing the company brand.  

Our Storytelling for Leadership workshops help employees uncover and build their personal brand then apply it to the mission of the company in an authentic way.   

We cover it all: from overcoming imposter syndrome and networking with ease, to building internal influence and forging stronger relationships with clients, customers and partners. 

The workshops can be facilitated online or in-person and can be tailored specifically to your organisation.  

The Storytelling for Leadership workshops are perfect for:  

  • Professional learning and development opportunities  
  • Team offsites  
  • Leaders’ retreat

What is the Storytelling for Leadership Program?

Storytelling for Leadership is a program of storytelling workshops, designed to build professional confidence, communication skills and employee advocacy.  

The program consists of three phases, with each phase encompassing 1-2 workshops. They’re designed to flow logically into the other but can also work as standalone offerings. 

Each workshop is facilitated by our team of storytelling experts who provide participants with invaluable guidance and expert feedback for crafting compelling and engaging narratives.   

Take a look at the program overview below and download our info pack for more information.

Storytelling for Self

In our Storytelling for Self workshops, participants explore their strengths and leadership qualities to craft a punchy personal brand statement they can use to advocate for themselves in professional environments.


  • Crafting your Personal Brand​
  • Pitch Perfect

Who’s it for?

People at all levels of an organisation with an appetite to develop or refine their personal brand and networking skills.

Storytelling for Teams

In our Storytelling for Teams workshop, participants learn storytelling techniques to craft their own origin, trials or destiny story they can use to build trust and influence in their teams.


  • Impact, Influence, Inspire (Teams)

Who’s it for?

Existing and emerging leaders interested in expanding their professional toolkit in fun, creative and impactful ways.

Storytelling for Growth

In our Storytelling for Growth workshops, participants learn to communicate with impact. We’ll explore storytelling and writing techniques to help engage external stakeholders in authentic and effective ways.


  • Impact, Influence, Inspire (Clients)
  • Communicating with Impact

Who’s it for?

Sales and project teams looking to build stronger relationships with clients, customers and other stakeholders.

Our engagements

National Herd Improvement Association of Australia (NHIA)

The National Herd Improvement Association of Australia plays a lead role in advocating and promoting the importance of the Herd Improvement sector to the Australian dairy and beef industry. Renewed leadership post-pandemic required re-introduction to industry partners, and signalling of intent to listen, support and grow relationships. 

Our team was engaged to support development of executive-level personal brand, thought leadership and stakeholder engagement capability.