ImpactInstitute was engaged to develop a platform to drive stakeholder and student engagement with the Australian Graduate School of Management and to motivate MBA candidates, post-graduate business school students and life-long learners to become better leaders. 

The challenge

Leadership within an array of organisations – government, business, and Not for Profits – has always been a key factor to success. There’s no denying that this has become even more integral to organisations as they’ve navigated unprecedented change over the last couple of years.

The Australian Graduate School of Management (AGSM) prides itself on equipping students with leadership skills. In the past, AGSM hosted a series of professional forums and in-person events to allow students to develop these capabilities aptly. However, as schedules were constantly thrown into disarray as a result of unprecedented lockdowns and isolations due to COVID-19, an alternative solution to these live events was required to engage current and prospective students. 

The Solution

The solution to drive engagement was found in the form of the AGSM “The Business Of…” Leadership podcast series. 

With extensive expertise in podcasting, ImpactInstitute handled the entire production of the podcast, from editorial strategy and scripting to production and publication. 

ImpactInstitute created a strategy to not only attract the primary target audience (MBA candidates and post-graduate business students), but to further expand the audience by broadening the show’s appeal. 


The Outcome

The show benchmarked in the top 50% of all global podcasts and demonstrated solid growth-over-time with the launch of Season 2 generating more listeners compared with Season 1. Listeners from Season 1 also returned in Season 2 demonstrating a sustained interest in the show while the podcast continues to attract new listeners today. 

ImpactInstitute achieved the following over two seasons:  

  • 17 episodes (and counting) 
  • 49 guests 
  • 47 pre-interviews 
  • 7230 unique downloads (and counting) 
  • 2040 minutes of content recorded 


The most popular episodes were: 

  • SE2:2 - The Business of Tourism (938 downloads)  
  • SE2:3 - The Business of AI (937 downloads) 

Both episodes also had the highest average completion rate of 71% demonstrating strong engagement with the content.  


  • Podcast production
  • Content strategy
"Awesome show. The perspectives offered on this podcast are incredible. If you're looking for amazing insights on how to improve your leadership skills, you should definitely listen to this show!"

- Mark Colgan, 5/5 stars, US