Our team was engaged to launch Australia’s first allergen-reducing cat food, Purina Pro Plan® LiveClear™ to the Australian media using strategy, media relations, influencer engagements and events.

The challenge

In 2020, a revolutionary approach to managing cat allergens was put forward to Australians. Purina Pro Plan® LiveClear™ was the first-of-its-kind cat food in Australia proven to reduce the major allergen in cat hair and dander by an average of 47% by the third week of daily feeding.

The challenge was to drive awareness of the new product and create excitement and anticipation among allergic cat owners. We wanted cat owners to be intrigued by the innovation and informed about a safe, effective and inexpensive method to reduce allergens at home, resulting in a better life for themselves and their cats.

The Solution

In order to launch Purina Pro Plan® LiveClear™ to Australian cat owners (with and without allergies), ImpactInstitute strategically underwent a three-phase approach.

Phase 1: Plant the Seed
ImpactInstitute commenced the Purina Pro Plan® LiveClear™ campaign by utilising existing assets to let cat owners in the local Australian market know the product was ‘coming soon’. This was completed through earned media across online and print channels, consumer mainstream media and veterinary trade outlets through the following actions:

  • Developed consumer and trade press release announcing product release
  • Established relationship with SAFE Rehoming cat care centre
  • Research and preparation of relevant media targets with personal experience with cat allergies

Phase 2: Launch campaign

ImpactInstitute launched Purina Pro Plan® LiveClear™ with an experiential ‘at home’ event for media featuring kittens, case study participants for interview and subject matter experts. We engaged leading feline behavioural specialist Dr Kim Kendall to speak to the consumer need of the product and undertook these activities:

  • Developed curated distribution strategy tailored to excite and energise attendees
  • Engaged cat-loving influencers to attend the event and feature Purina Pro Plan® LiveClear™ messaging on their channels
  • Partnered with Petbarn to provide a media wall, accessories for the cats to play with and gift bags

Phase 3: Maintenance

ImpactInstitute finalised the project in its maintenance phase by speaking to the lived experience with a “believe it’s true” narrative. ImpactInstitute created four program case studies to tell hyper local stories of success. In consultation with leading Veterinary expert Zara Boland, ImpactInstitute produced a byline on ‘five ways to get cats adjusted to their new homes’ featuring Purina Pro Plan® LiveClear™. 


  • Developed a trade specific outreach program utilising the strongest case study to provide a results-driven testimonial
  • Curate a crafted pitch targeting TV news outlets making use of the SAFE Rehoming cats on the Purina Pro Plan® LiveClear™ solution.
  • Partnered with Purina to develop content for SAFE Rehoming including social media posts, an eDM and two news-style blogs for the SAFE Rehoming website.

The Outcome

The campaign’s success was measured by several factors including coverage clips and reach figures across consumer and trade publications, and key messages mentioned in the coverage earned. In total, ImpactInstitute generated 39 coverage items with an audience reach of 15,977,295.

KPI Results

Trade coverage clips: 3

Trade coverage reach: 5,000

Trade coverage items: 5

Trade coverage reach: 15,687

Consumer coverage clips: 15

Consumer coverage reach: 3M

Consumer coverage items: 34

Consumer coverage reach: 15,961,608

100% of articles include minimum two of the below elements:

  • Purina spokesperson
  • Case study testimonial
  • x2 Purina key messages
  • Price and availability

95% of coverage across ImpactInstitute generated media coverage featured a minimum of two of the listed elements