Arthritis NSW

An understanding of the value of impact measurement and reporting led Arthritis NSW to partner with ImpactInstitute to design an impact framework to better understand the long-term sustained change experienced by children who attend their camps program for children with juvenile idiopathic arthritis.

The challenge

Measuring, reporting and communicating social impact is an increasing expectation of social sector organisations. Funders, donors, service delivery teams, executives and clients of services and their families and carers value social impact reporting for its ability to:

  • Validate and improve program and service models.

  • Identify new and innovative ways of meeting client needs.

  • Tell a new and compelling story to influence increased stakeholder engagement and support.

The solution

  • Develop an impact framework to structure research.

  • Develop a set of tools to measure the impact of the camps on the children as they progressed through their lives.

  • Interview and survey children who attended camps.

  • Interview and survey children who did not attend camps.

  • Interview and survey past participants of camps.

  • Collate the findings.

"While attendees have given broad feedback about the camps before, the impact framework helped us collect some solid information about the benefits that children take away from the camps. In the next financial year, we’re doubling the camps, because we’ve now got the evidence to show that they work."

— Sandra Vincent, CEO
Arthritis and Osteoporosis NSW