Coca-Cola needed an integrated brand storytelling agency and founding content partner to shape editorial strategy and execute content production. We continue to work in partnership with Coca-Cola Oceania and Coca-Cola Asia-Pacific.

The challenge

As one of the world’s most iconic brands, Coca-Cola sought to develop and execute a pioneering approach to content marketing. Following the 2012 launch of the brand’s owned-media site, Coca-Cola Journey, the company needed an integrated brand storytelling agency and founding content partner in order to push the boundaries of brand storytelling as the world then knew it.

The company required a complex editorial strategy to be crafted and executed, involving content creation, multi-channel distribution and cross-functional team communication on a global scale.

The solution

As a premium, global brand Coca-Cola required a storytelling solution with international appeal. This led ImpactInstitute to handcraft an integrated content marketing service, leveraging common cultural values across Australia, New Zealand and other Asia Pacific markets, while maintaining a focus on local stories.

Tapping into the company’s dynamic brand, ImpactInstitute developed a content plan with an emphasis on multimedia and video, to increase brand penetration across a variety of channels.

Utilising the robust toolset offered by Adobe Experience Manager, ImpactInstitute’s design and production team collaborate to create unique and rich experiences for Coca-Cola’s audience.  

The outcome

Coca-Cola Australia is now recognised as a global leader is now recognised as a leader in the brand storytelling space, outperforming its competitors across the board.