Heads Together for ABI

Our team was engaged to develop an impact framework and impact measurement plan to better understand and define the long-term, positive and sustainable impact of its young adults program.

The challenge

Heads Together for ABI was established in 2003 to provide a community of support for people who live with acquired brain injury. For this community, connecting with other people who share their experience allows them to rebuild their lives and move towards a positive future. Heads Together for ABI (Acquired Brain Injury) facilitates these connections through a range of initiatives and activities including family camps, social and educational events, leadership training and online support.

Heads Together for ABI realised it had an opportunity to better understand the long-term, sustainable and positive impact experienced by program participants. It needed a better way of effectively measuring and reporting this impact, in addition to telling the story of the lives impacted by its work. Gaining evidence-based insights would guide its growth, help develop activities and meet the expectations of funders and its community of supporters.

The Solution

Impact research

  • Research and analysis was conducted to inform the development of an impact framework and measurement tools.

  • We also conducted interviews and workshops with staff, volunteers and participants in the young adults programs – including Heading Out and Ability.

Impact framework

  • An impact measurement framework was developed to build on this research and apply the evidence. Our work also applied a Theory of Change to inform decision-making.

  • The framework identified suitable impact measurement tools that would support the organisation.

  • Finally, we worked with staff to understand the purpose and value of an impact framework and measurement tools.


Staff, volunteers and program participants enjoyed participating in the research, interview and workshop processes.

We identified the significant positive impact experienced by young adults who participate in the Heading Out and Ability programs – particularly in relation to improving quality of life and participation in the community.

Our research informed development of the Impact Framework and identified suitable impact measurement tools.

It also demonstrated the importance of the peer support model used by Heads Together. The friendships and social connections made by participants and volunteers through various activities was achieving the desired impacts.

Impact strategy

The impact framework and impact measurement plan now gives Heads Together for ABI the ability to collect evidence that informs ongoing innovation and development of best practice programs and services. It will also inspire supporters and funders with evidenced-based reporting and storytelling.

Looking ahead, we’re now developing a fundraising and marketing strategy to build on the impact framework and impact measurement plan.

"We are really excited to see the research supporting the significant impact our programs have in improving the quality of life for young people with acquired brain injuries. We now have an incredibly powerful story to tell our supporters and funders and the evidence we need to further develop our best practice programs for the community."

— Kate Heine, Founder
Heads Together for ABI