The Benevolent Society

Charities need strong brand awareness to attract financial support. If you’re a brand that’s been around a long time, it can be tricky to keep your brand fresh in the hearts and minds of donors. 

When Australia’s oldest charity, The Benevolent Society, decided it was time for a brand refresh, they engaged ImpactInstitute.

The Challenge:  

The Benevolent Society has been assisting disadvantaged Australians for over two hundred years. The charity works in the aged care and disability sectors as well as in child and family services. They are making a significant impact for both clients and communities in Australia.

Despite its hands-on approach, research showed The Benevolent Society was being misunderstood as irrelevant and aloft. Its traditional narrative and messages were no longer capturing the contemporary attitudes and activities of the well-respected not-for-profit.   

The Solution:

ImpactInstitute designed an integrated brand storytelling campaign to bring the centuries old ethos of caring for Australians in need to a contemporary audience.

The “Your Life, Your Way” brand campaign focused on connecting the community with the people behind The Benevolent Society while also uncovering the breadth of services they bring to our community.

The integrated brand storytelling campaign included: 

  • Research, focus groups and stakeholder interviews
  • New positioning, messaging and tagline   
  • TVC
  • Digital and print advertising (design)
  • Radio advertising
  • Public relations 

“We believe everyone deserves to live life their way,” said Lisa Hresc, Director Brand, Marketing and Communications at The Benevolent Society. 

“The TVC and creative assets were inspired by internal research that highlighted the value we place on each person’s story and their goals. We love our team of practitioners who walk with, listen to, and support people across the country through an integrated service delivery model. The new creative reflects that heart, and our desire to tell their story.”



The campaign launch attracted over 15 million impressions across media and digital channels. 

YouTube alone served 2.7 million impressions. Coverage items totalled 37.

The Benevolent Society is now being more accurately represented in its branding, allowing it to continue its contribution to society and outcompete competitors for funding and clients.


  • Brand strategy
  • Research, focus groups and stakeholder interviews
  • Positioning, messaging and tagline   
  • TVC
  • Digital and print advertising (design)
  • Radio advertising
  • Public relations
  • Graphic design
“The results exceeded our expectations – we saw greater brand awareness from customers, but also revitalised brand love within our team. The narrative will live on well into the future of The Benevolent Society”

- Lisa Hresc
Director, Brand, Marketing and Communications at The Benevolent Society