At ImpactInstitute, we believe every brand is a collection of customer stories and we’re passionate about helping you discover and tell them all! 

As a certified B Corp, we’re measured by an independent third party on our ability to deliver strategies and tactical campaigns that foster long-term, positive impact. 

Whether it’s brand strategy, logo design or messaging workshops, we partner with you to grow brand value and move you quickly from insight to action. 

Why your organisation needs a brand strategy 

In today’s business climate, where consumers have access to vast information and choices, building and maintaining a strong brand is essential for sustainable success. 

But in many cases, brands facing disruptive pressures don’t feel they can give brand strategy the time and space required. 

That’s where we come in…    

We help clients grow their brand by shifting from transactional, short-term marketing communications strategies to long-term, sustainable approaches.   

Our unique, story-led approach impacts the organisation and its community of employees, customers, partners, supporters, stakeholders and society-at-large. 

How we can help

Brand Strategy + Development

We’ll work with you on a comprehensive brand strategy that tells your story. Our creative, insight-led approach clarifies your values, mission, vision and stakeholders and delivers a ‘brand book’ you’ll be proud of.

Logo Design + Visual Identity

With your brand strategy sorted you’ll want to look as good as you feel! Our in-house creative team can design the perfect logo and brand elements for a cohesive brand identity within and outside your organisation.

Brand Messaging Workshops

What good is a story without a way to tell it? Our brand storytelling facilitators run interactive brand messaging workshops for your sales, marketing and executive teams. They’re perfect for aligning communications with the right audience and bringing clarity across your organisation. 

Personal Branding

Today, every employee has a role to play in expressing and enhancing the company brand. Head over to our Storytelling for Leadership page to read about how our program can help you uncover, express and expand your personal brand.

What is brand storytelling?

Brand storytelling is an integrated approach to marketing and communications that builds trust, engages audiences and promotes brand values.

It borrows from traditional journalism, and content publishing, while keeping brand values, culture and ethos firmly in mind.

A compelling brand story engages both the hearts and minds of your audience. In every interaction we consider three key elements: how we communicate, who we are and why people should care.

Introducing our proprietary brand storytelling framework


Beliefonomics is the first brand storytelling framework, devised to help organisations and professionals realise the true value of their story. Authored by Mark Jones, Chief Storyteller and CEO at ImpactInstitute, Beliefonomics unifies an organisation’s customer journey, brand strategy and marketing activities around the economically significant metric of belief.

Case studies

Our portfolio represents more than 10 years of working in partnership with iconic, purpose-driven organisations across APAC and the globe – to define their brand purpose, tell their story and measure their meaningful impact.

Benevolent Society


Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand 

Meet our Brand Storytelling Team