Miracle Babies Foundation

We were engaged by Miracle Babies Foundation to develop an impact framework and measurement plan.

The challenge

Miracle Babies Foundation is now Australia’s leading organisation supporting families of premature and sick newborns, and the hospitals that care for them. It provides support, education and resources to the families of more than 48,000 babies born each year in Australia who require specialised care.

Like many foundations, it relies on the support of generous donors, funders and supporters. It has become increasingly important to meet the expectations of these key stakeholders by demonstrating its long-term, sustainable and positive impact. It needed a strong evidence base to inform a range of activities including strategic planning, program development and innovation, reporting and storytelling.

The solution

Impact research

Our research encompassed an internal review of client documents, stakeholder interviews and workshops with Miracle Babies staff, health professionals and participants in their NurturePrograms.

We researched other relevant information by reviewing the scholarly literature and interviewing researchers and thought leaders in this field.

Impact framework

An impact framework was developed using this evidence base and incorporated a theory of change to inform decision-making.

The Impact Framework included a key set of recommendations to help Miracle Babies Foundation develop suitable measurement tools to sustainably collect and analyse relevant data over the long-term.


Key insights uncovered during our research.

  • The organisation’s approach to running programs underpinned by peer support was likely having positive benefits –acknowledging the evidence base is still growing.

  • Key indicators most likely to demonstrate positive outcomes and impact of these programs, and measurement tools were identified.

  • Confounders and other external factors that need to be considered in the data collection, analysis and reporting were also highlighted.

The outcome

ImpactInstitute helped Miracle Babies Foundation develop an impact framework and measurement plan. By effectively measuring, reporting and communicating this impact, Miracle Babies can continue to grow and develop its programs and services, and realise its vision for supporting this community.

Our research work gave Miracle Babies Foundation the evidence base required to support its programs and ongoing program development. This evidence provides the platform for the impact measurement plan, that will ensure the organisation continues to realise its long-term vision.

“We are excited to see the evidence that supports the positive impact our NurturePrograms are having on the families of miracle babies and how we can effectively measure and report this into the future. We are now in a much better position to further grow and develop our programs to continue making a significant difference in the long-term lives of the communities we serve.”

— Kylie Pussell and Melinda Cruz
Co-Founders, Miracle Babies