Project Recycle

Project ReCycle needed to increase its reach and capacity to deliver tangible outcomes for youth, and secure funding opportunities. Our team was engaged to help them do just that.

The challenge

Project ReCycle is a youth engagement program which engages at-risk young people in the community through working with them to rebuild a bike. Project ReCycle builds resilience, self-confidence and problem solving skills in young people and provides meaningful mentor opportunities, leading to lifelong relationships.

The outcome

  • Project ReCycle has become an identified program opportunity in Western Australia.

  • Implemented 4 programs targeting at-risk youth in schools and community centres.

  • Impacted 40 at-risk youth through positive role models and mentoring

  • Maintained program attendance rates above 95%

  • Established a presence in South Metro Education, Perth WA to connect with at-risk kids within school communities