Impact Advisory

Partnerships on purpose.

Impact advisory services for social sector, corporate and government leaders.

We partner with purpose-driven organisations to solve complex challenges, identify opportunities and enable change. Services include unique impact assessment, impact measurement, impact reporting and strategic planning. 

Our team of experienced impact advisors support and advise CEOs, boards and senior executives of social sector, corporate and government organisations to become impact-driven organisations.

We help these leaders align and scale their organisation’s purpose, story and impact – a critical task when customers, clients, employees and the community demand authenticity, transparency and integrity.

We apply evidence-based methodologies using our in-house data and research capabilities, trademarked IP and creative processes to solve important problems, align teams and delight customers.


  • Board & governance consulting
  • Brand strategy & identity
  • Capability development
  • Change management
  • Impact frameworks
  • Impact measurement
  • Impact reporting
  • Impact assessment
  • Marketing strategy
  • Program development
  • Strategic reviews & planning

How can we help you?

Our impact framework

purpose problem - rubics cube

The Impact Index

The Impact Index is an exciting new executive decision making tool.

Designed for senior leaders, it uses evidence-based methodologies to visualise the relationship between your purpose, impact, the stories you tell and your capacity for growth. Your individual Impact Index Report will contain rare insights into your organisation’s ability to sustainably reflect your purpose into the future.

Contact us to find out how the Impact Index can help your organisation.


ImpactInstitute helps commercial, social and health sector organisations across Australia create measurable impact with stories that matter.