Impact-driven strategic planning

Elevate your organisation's impact with evidence-based strategies

Transform your organisation with impact-driven strategic planning.

Our advisors collaborate with your leadership team to create a strategic plan that delivers key business objectives and incorporates benefits to people and communities.

A key benefit of our approach is we help your team focus on sustainable results over the long-term, while setting a clear focus on short-term priorities.

Using an evidence-based approach, we help your team:

  • Understand internal and external issues
  • Identify opportunities and risks
  • Set goals and objectives
  • Align your team around a practical plan
  • Roll out the agreed plan across the organisation

Some Of Our Clients

Who's it for

Senior leaders and executives

Our tailored approach empowers senior leaders and executives to steer their companies towards sustainable growth, while simultaneously creating positive impacts on communities and people.

Leadership teams

Our collaborative strategic planning process fosters alignment and helps you set achievable goals, ensuring that your team is working together towards a common mission that delivers both immediate and long-term benefits.

Board directors

Empower your board of directors to guide your organisation strategically. Our evidence-based approach equips board directors with the insights needed to make informed decisions, identify opportunities, and manage risks effectively, ensuring the organisation's long-term success and positive contributions to society.

How it's used

Clients use our impact-driven strategic planning service to:

  • Develop a strategic plan
  • Operationalise the plan
  • Set accountability framework
  • Set cadence of review and follow-up activities


Leverage expertise of an independent, expert facilitator

Build your team's capacity to sustainably realise objectives

Access to best practice methodologies, proven frameworks and experienced social impact specialists

Transform your strategic planning with a focus on people and communities to build trust and manage risk

Tailored to suit your organisation's goals, capacity and market dynamics

Our proven process

We start by reviewing your purpose, values, and desired impact. Our proven process fosters alignment and shared vision within your team.

Discovery session

Meet a facilitator to tailor our approach to meet your strategic objectives.


We support your team to develop inputs for the strategic planning session.

Facilitated offsite

Together, we review key insights shared by team leaders, discuss internal and external drivers, identify desired impact, and develop a shared vision and objectives.


Plan-on-a-page that is simple to understand and operationalise. Action: Guidance on implementing the strategic plan throughout your.


"ImpactInstitute facilitated full-day workshops with our Sydney and Melbourne teams.

I’ve worked with the team at ImpactInstitute for many years. They bring a rare combination of energy, inclusiveness, fun, and insights to workshops and consulting sessions. Our sessions delivered excellent insights and tangible business outcomes that continue to help our organisation grow.

Michelle Land - GM Customer Experience & Digital, GPT Group

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