Social Impact Storytelling

Inspire change with the power of storytelling

Analyse social impact data to develop evidence-based stories

Social Impact Storytelling is a service that brings an evidence-based approach to communications, marketing, and stakeholder engagement.

Using your existing systems and data, we analyse the impact of your programs and services to create evidence-based stories that demonstrate your organisation’s positive social impact.

Some clients we work with

Who's it for

CMOs, Heads of Marketing, Marketing Managers and marketing professionals

PR and Communications professionals

Heads of Social Impact, Sustainability, ESG

Department Heads and Senior Leaders responsible for HR, community and social programs

Head of Fundraising, Growth and Sales

How it's used

Transform your corporate communications and marketing activities with evidence-based storytelling. This service delivers data, insights and content for use in:

  • Grant applications
  • Fundraising, donor campaigns
  • Government advocacy and partnerships
  • Public relations, communications, press releases and media engagements
  • Community engagement
  • Board, executive and stakeholder communications
  • Marketing and advertising campaigns


Tell evidence-based stories that foster deeper engagement and trust with key stakeholders.

Avoid impact washing! Substantiate and support your organisation’s public claims and competitive differentiation.

Substantiate your social impact to bolster ESG and sustainability reporting.

Develop stories for internal and external audiences that demonstrate the effectiveness of your people-centred programs and services.

Increase brand awareness and corporate reputation as a purpose-driven organisation making a measurable, positive difference.

Collaborating with our social impact and storytelling team builds capacity, knowledge and experience within your team.

Our proven process

We start by reviewing your purpose, values, and desired impact. Our proven process fosters alignment and shared vision within your team.

Our social impact specialists and storytellers engage with your team to understand organisational goals and stakeholders.

Social impact specialists review your data to identify relevant evidence-based stories.

Data, insights and story angles are provided to our storytellers and content specialists to write a compelling, evidence-based story that aligns with key stakeholders, target audiences and organisational priorities.

Collaborating with your team, we refine the story before it’s published on your earned, owned, shared or paid channels.

Think big! If required, we discuss how to amplify your social impact story via other channels including video, podcast, social, PR and blogs.


"ImpactInstitute facilitated full-day workshops with our Sydney and Melbourne teams.

I’ve worked with the team at ImpactInstitute for many years. They bring a rare combination of energy, inclusiveness, fun, and insights to workshops and consulting sessions. Our sessions delivered excellent insights and tangible business outcomes that continue to help our organisation grow.

Michelle Land - GM Customer Experience & Digital, GPT Group

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