The Gaimaragal Group

The Gaimaragal Group collaborates with all Australians and builds on the experience, knowledge and stories of Australia’s First Peoples to co-create a nation that is proud of and embraces Australia’s First Peoples history, culture and rights, for present and future generations. Our team worked to develop a range of unique and engaging resources.

The challenge

To develop resources that:

  • Improve the health of all Australians by sharing each other’s knowledge and culture.
  • Embrace visual styles that communicate effectively with all Australians.
  • Are high quality, visually engaging for individuals using health services and health professionals.

The solution

  • Strong collaboration between Gaimaragal Group and ImpactInstitute drew on each organisation’s strengths.
  • Develop a deep understanding of who would use each resource.
  • Explored visual styles and approaches.
  • Developed imagery and visual styles.

The outcome

Produced a range of unique resources that achieved a very positive response from users.