ImpactInstitute: A PR agency with a difference

ImpactInstitute offers a range of public relations consultancy services to manage the reputation of your organisation through owned, earned and paid communications.

Our in-house team of public relations experts is backed by the power and reach of our global PR agency partner network, Public Relations Organisations International (PROI). 

We work closely with PR agency partners in this network to scale and provide additional on the ground resources wherever we need them. PROI also delivers valuable, actionable insights and data from our PR agency partners across the world.  

Why your organisation needs a PR agency

Our client partners do amazing things – delivering purpose-driven programs and working to sustain a healthy organisation. However, they don’t always have enough time or resources to work on the strategic direction and growth of their business. 

As an integrated PR agency, we have a dedicated team who will work with you to manage your organisation’s reputation via a raft of public relations consultancy services, bring clarity to your strategic direction and accelerate growth.  

What makes ImpactInstitute a unique PR agency? 

Finding the right PR agency is critical as you embark on strategic review, planning and change.  

Here are five reasons why our approach to public relations consultancy is unique: 

  1. We’re driven by impact and recognise stories as the golden threads that bring all your marketing channels together.
  2. We define PR storytelling as the use of authentic, emotional stories to drive growth. Critically, these stories inspire audiences to take action and shape their beliefs about your brand, industry trends and social issues.  
  3. We take a data-informed approach to PR storytelling and combine logic, organisational credibility and emotional appeal with your audiences into our public relations marketing activity.
  4. We can amplify your PR storytelling across a series of supporting services offered by our integrated team. These includes data visualisation, video and animation, written content and social media engagement.
  5. We work with CMOs, heads of communications, digital, PR and social to bring their purpose to life.

What’s your story? What difference are you making, and how can purposeful PR storytelling amplify your impact? 

If you’re interested in talking to us about your brand’s challenges and opportunities, please get in touch.


  • Crisis response
  • Creative campaigns
  • Influencer relations
  • Media relations
  • Media training
  • Profile raising
  • Reputation management
  • PR for events

How we can help you?

Our framework


Beliefonomics is the first brand storytelling framework, devised to help organisations and professionals realise the true value of their story. Authored by Mark Jones, CEO at ImpactInstitute, Beliefonomics unifies an organisation’s customer journey, brand strategy and marketing activities around the economically significant metric of belief.