Excellent brand strategy relies on customer insight.

ImpactInstitute offers marketing / brand strategy consulting services to align and scale your organisation’s purpose, story and impact.

What is a brand and how could yours be stronger? 

A brand is the name of a product that lives inside the hearts and minds of consumers. It may have a physical manifestation, but it is an intangible and evocative idea that either inspires or repels us. This is the definition given by classic marketing theory.

 At ImpactInstitute, this definition has been updated. Every brand is a customer story.

Given the challenges of the customer-first era in which we live, the notion of a customer story better captures the reason why a brand exists.  

If brands are customer stories, they must pay careful attention to best reflect, celebrate and build on those stories. Like a mirror, brands must show customers they understand a set of shared values, beliefs and future aspirations.

The challenge is not so much fixing a logo or inventing a new tagline (strategies that definitely help) but taking a closer look at the customer story. How can the brand better reflect the belief systems and expectations of customers?   

Why your organisation needs marketing / brand strategy consulting.

Research and data gathering to inform your marketing communications takes precious time, money and resources. In many cases, brands facing disruptive pressures don’t feel they can give brand strategy the time and space required.  

ImpactInstitute marketing / brand strategy consulting provides creative, strategic and evidence-based insights. We partner with you to grow brand value and customer engagement – moving you quickly from insight to action.   

What makes ImpactInstitute a unique marketing / brand consultancy?

Finding the right marketing / brand consultancy partner is critical as you embark on strategic review, planning and change.  

Here are five reasons why our approach to marketing and brand consultancy is unique: 

  1. As experienced brand advisors, we deliver more than outputs (brand campaigns) and short-term outcomes (reach, clicks, website hits, engagement). We help clients shift from transactional, short-term marketing communications strategies to long-term, sustainable approaches.
  2. Our approach impacts the organisation and its community of employees, customers, partners, supporters, stakeholders and society-at-large.   
  3. As a certified B Corp, we are measured by an independent third party on our ability to deliver strategies and tactical campaigns that foster long-term, positive impact. 
  4. We achieve long-term positive impact through the combination of a unique brand storytelling framework, Beliefonomics™, and a set of diagnostic questions informed by cognitive behavioural therapy.
  5. We have experience working with all types of organisations; be they for profit, for purpose, or both.    

To find out more about how this brand strategy approach has been successful, take a look at some of our case studies.  

If you’re interested in talking to us about your brand’s challenges and opportunities, please get in touch.


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Our framework


Beliefonomics is the first brand storytelling framework, devised to help organisations and professionals realise the true value of their story. Authored by Mark Jones, Chief Storyteller and co-CEO at ImpactInstitute, Beliefonomics unifies an organisation’s customer journey, brand strategy and marketing activities around the economically significant metric of belief.