Meet Amanda Williams: Head of Impact Advisory

Head of Impact Advisory Amanda Williams

Amanda joins ImpactInstitute as Head of Impact Advisory to support client growth.

ImpactInstitute welcomed Amanda Williams as Head of Impact Advisory to its growing team in response to increased demand for Impact Advisory services.

A creative, connected learner with a passion for developing teams, Amanda joined the firm after work in the energy, venture fund and corporate sectors. She’s worked with NGO’s and commercially minded start-up and is an advocate for social change.

“Often people who are doing the most impactful work aren’t the ones shouting it from the rooftops,” she says. “They’re focused on the doing, so they need other people to tell their story for them.”

Amanda said ImpactInstitute’s combination of impact measurement and advisory services with storytelling was unique, and one of the reasons she joined the team.

“Regardless of how well you measure impact, it doesn’t matter if you don’t tell anyone about it.”

“The people you’re serving need to understand how you’re working towards that impact. And that only comes from crafting the story surrounding it,” says Amanda.

In addition to measuring impact in the community, Amanda has identified the need for measuring employee impact.

“It’s always been important to funders and investors, but now a key audience are employees. They are careful with how they spend their time and the influence their work will have, not only on their life, but the lives of those around them. Now, impact and fulfilment go hand-in-hand”.

One of her suggestions for leaders thinking about community and employee impact is to think holistically and remain committed to your organisation’s intent, or vision for positive change.

“Gone are the days of just slapping on a logo, hastily writing a cheque to a charity or releasing a statement on recycling. Understand your audience and intention, then breathe life into it.

Outside her work at ImpactInstitute, Amanda works with female entrepreneurs, training and coaching them to raise money and scale their businesses.

She also continues to flex her podcasting muscles on the #impact podcast, where she has co-hosted and produced many episodes featuring social entrepreneurs and changemakers in Hong Kong, Asia and beyond.

Ready to increase your impact?

At ImpactInstitute, we partner with clients to support, resource and enable their impact journey. Contact us if you’d like connect with our new Head of Impact Advisory, Amanda Williams.

Written by: The ImpactInstitute Team.

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